Trend & Market Research:
We are shopping the key markets and attending trade and fashion fairs world-wide. We bring ideas to you.
Products and Services
We work projects on a case by case basis to meet each
brand's requirements. Trend research, design, development,
sourcing and production: we can offer a full program or just fulfill a simple design project. You decide how you want to work with us and we'll make it fit.

If you have any questions regarding our services or would like more information, please contact us at (978)290-2259
We design products for your product line in collaboration with your team or independently. 
We produce meticulous tech-packs and can manage all phases of the development process.
With over 20 years of experience making products overseas, MBT DesignSource has a broad resource of overseas suppliers and long-standing relationships with makers of a variety of
garment, textile and fashion accessories.
Freelance Design
MBT DesignSource can produce your products at socially responsible factories and deliver finished products on an "FOB" or Landed basis.
MBT DesignSource can add an extra set of hands to your design team for those times when you need extra help.
"DesignSource works so well with my team, they are like part of my company"
Private Label Fashion Accessories to complement your brand. 
Carol Smith ALBS Group
 (Chorley, England UK)
Contact:   or call us at (978)290-2259